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When the world rejects us He accepts us
-Elise (my wife) Bennett

This is a running theme in my wife’s talks when she speaks to youth. She gives a direct message of hope and salvation for those who are searching for something… anything. I have spent countless hours listening to her talks over and over as she preps and then again while filming her speak live. She talks to teenagers and young adults about this, but I kept missing the message. I could relate whole heartedly to everything she was saying. “When the world rejects us He accepts us!” I am jotting down thoughts in my blogs. They may be weird and hard to read, but I just need a new outlet to challenge myself. I am also stepping out on a limb and inviting you to join me. I’m far from being grammatically correct and will probably misspell things a lot. But, when the world rejects me He will accept me.

This week was a big week for Elise and I. We had our first home study for our journey towards adoption. We spent days (about 12) getting the house ready. We posted left and right on Facebook trying to sell furniture and other items. We had a garage sale and three day straight deep clean of the house. Elise was out of town two weekends in a row leading up to the home study which left the brunt of the work for those weekends on me. When she would get home she spent hours cleaning and organizing while I slept, often staying up until ungodly hours in the night. The Thursday night before our meeting she didn’t sleep. I was blessed enough to get a full ten hours! Friday morning came. I woke up to T-minus 6 hours. Had some help from friends that morning to get the outside all fixed up while I finished trim work in the nursery. T-minus 5 hours Elise finally stopped work and jumped in the shower. T-minus 4 hours and Elise fell asleep. T-minus 3 hours and I just finished the trim work. T-minus 2 hours I installed custom face plates on some electrical outlets in the kitchen that needed to be covered. T-minus 1 hour I woke up Elise and rushed to eat lunch before sending off the help so I could jump in the shower. T-minus 5 minutes I forgot to get the lawn equipment put away before the social worker came. I ran around the yard gathering and placing items where they needed to go. I ran to the back door and heard, “WILLIAM! Donna is here!” Guess who was a smelly mess. All dirty and sweaty. Wearing torn jeans and a stained shirt from working. Guess who still hadn’t jumped in the shower. That’s right… THIS GUY! I waved hi to our social worker and ran to the back bedroom to take the quickest dry towel “shower” ever and throw on some half decent clothes. I made it out to the kitchen and finally sat down so we could start the home study. It was 1pm.

1:45pm we stood on the front porch waving good bye to Donna our social worker. Yep, 45 minutes. 2 weeks of non stop prep and a 45 minute visit. Haha we wanted her to see our oven! And every drawer and shelf of the fridge! But, she came to do what she needed to do. She went through her checklist and we passed.

I know it may sound like our house was an absolute disaster, well, it kind of was :), but it is now finished. After all, it was as clean as we could keep it with Elise and I working a combined 150 hours a week on average for the past year. It was also a wake up call. We need to better prioritize our life and our ministries. Among the many adventures that we are about to embark upon, we can now add learning to say NO to that list. I’ll let you know how it goes. We feared rejection that day, but all we received was acceptance! Baby Bennett is one more step closer to being real!

For now… I’m out! -William

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