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Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.
-Zora Neale Hurston

I research anything and everything! Wikipedia, YouTube and Reddit are my best friends on the web. I dive deep into the nether regions of endless links to other links about the first link bringing me to another link so far off topic that I usually forget what I was looking at. I have looked at my web history and have been dumbfounded by the trail. Luckily, unlike my early adolescent years this history isn’t as shameful. Research can be very rewarding and a curse at the same time. Need to waste 30 minutes of your life? Look up how to diagnose that squealing noise from your car. You will end up looking at obscure hydrogen based fuel types to make your diy three wheel car run at 120 miles per gallon from instructables.com.

I am currently researching how to upgrade me computer to obtain better efficiency while editing video for all of my YouTube endeavors. Talk about a rabbit hole. I have never really dabbled in computer builds or even upgrading, besides installing a little more ram. I rely heavily on tutorials and forums to get answers. Of course I don’t really ever get a straight answer because there is no straight answer. After looking something up, I typically walk down the hall at my office to my buddy David’s cube to pick his brain. Pulling all of this information from all of these different sources is taxing. I feel like I need to research how to upgrade my ram and hard drive after this. None the less, the answer always shows itself if you poke and pry with a purpose. I now have a plan. A pretty good one too. It is cost effective and should give me 4-5x more performance and hopefully cut my editing time down from 3 hours per video to 1.5-2 hours. The rest of the editing is me selecting the music or doing minor color correcting which is a whole other research task on how to become more efficient at that.

I have learned over the years that if I don’t know how to do something then I should learn. There is no reason to have someone else do what I can just do for myself. The downfall? I never have time to do anything because I am always either researching or trying to complete a task myself that someone else who has already done the research can do in half the time. I not only find myself going down the rabbit hole of research, but also the rabbit hole of implementing what I just researched. Sometimes its rewarding and fun, but most of the time its because I am too cheap to save a little money and pay someone to do it. I get absolutely no joy out of repairing sheet rock or changing out a toilet. I sure as hell am not going to pay someone to do it though. I mean, what would happen if I did? I would probably end up with a little more time to do activities (I just pictured stepbrothers).

For now… I’m out!

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